Let's build a world where everyone is  free to create their most authentic life.

Hi, I'm Tara! 

As a coach, I support clients to build their most authentic and fulfilling lives. Through our work, my clients deepen their understanding of who they truly are -- instead of who the world has told them they should be. I support my clients to name their strengths, clarify and pursue their goals, and use mindfulness practices to understand the connection between their mind and body. 

In my consulting practice, I use my skills in facilitation, program design, and project management to support businesses, schools and non-profits. I work with clients to create purposeful, inclusive learning spaces where their employees and participants will grow and thrive. 


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Interested in working with me? Send me a message! All coaching and consulting work begins with a free consultation. Send a message about what you're hoping to do together, and I'll reply within 24 business hours.

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