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Oh, hi there. 

My Professional Journey

I graduated from Ball State University in 2007 with BAs in English and Telecommunications; I went on to get my Masters in Education in 2011 from the University of Michigan. In between, I taught middle school English Language Arts on the Rosebud Reservation in Mission, South Dakota and in Evansville, Indiana. I’ve spent a decade coaching teachers, facilitating professional development, and leading teams in New Mexico, the Bay Area, and middle Tennessee. I anticipate completing my Associate Certified Coach certification in December 2021 through The Mindfulness Coaching School; in the spring, I’ll complete certification as a Mindfulness, Wellness & Somatic Coach. I’ve been consulting with schools and nonprofits since July 2020; I’ve worked with Supermajority, the Alabama Virtual School, and Education Pioneers.

My Personal Journey

I am a facilitator. I define facilitation as holding space for people to be and do. My orientation toward facilitation informs how I coach, how I mentor, how I lead, how I work with consulting clients. Facilitation is what I do, and it’s a big part of who I am.


I believe that we’re on this planet to create and re-create ourselves in perpetuity. My identity is not fixed; I’m always evolving, and who I am at any given moment is always informed by what I was before and what I’m becoming next. 


I am a delightful mix of contradictions. I’m quite practical. I have a knack for strategy -- I can help you set goals and scope out the steps you’ll take to meet those goals. I love learning the science behind what we do and how we do it. I listen to a lot of podcasts. 


I am also attuned to mystery. I don’t practice any specific religion, but I feel connected to the larger universe. Sacred reading, meditation and Tarot have become important spiritual practices that help me stay grounded. I pay a lot of attention to the connections between my body and mind. 


I grew up in conservative, small-town Southern Indiana. I love my home and my family...and I have spent much of my adult life unlearning the more harmful lessons I learned at church and in school. 

I believe that I am worthy of love and belonging -- and so are you. I believe all humans have a right to a free and dignified life; I also understand that our lives are organized by inequitable, unfair systems, and so we must dream and act our way toward that free and dignified future. We all have different roles to play in that work, given our identity markers and experiences. I am a queer, white woman, which means I have some social and economic privilege that I must be aware of, push back against, and use to build a more just and liberated world. I am always learning and unlearning, so that I might act in greater alignment with my beliefs. 


Let's Talk!

Interested in working with me? Send me a message! All coaching and consulting work begins with a free consultation. Send a message about what you're hoping to do together, and I'll reply within 24 business hours.

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